Help & FAQs

Rap Wars is an interactive, multi-user, rap music mobile application for iPhone and Android mobile platforms to include iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, and Android Tablets. Rap Wars is also a web-based application where anyone can listen to your Rap Wars raps and users can manage their Rap Wars profile and account.

The devices that work with Rap Wars are as follows, iPhone, iPad, Android and Android Tablets.

To raise or lower the volume of the beat to insure that your rap can be understood, all you have to do is if the beat volume is to loud while the beat is playing use the volume controls on the side of your phone to decrease the volume. If the volume is to soft increase the volume using the volume controls on the side of your phone. This will increase or decrease the beat volume accordingly

The Store is where you can buy more Beat Creds, which are credits to purchase different beats on Rap Wars. In the Store you also have the option to upgrade to Rap Wars Pro, which has no ads and gives you 100 beat creds. In the Store you can also see how much beat creds you still have.

If you are having a technical issue the Feedback function will bring you to an email page. If you are logged in the Rapper Name and email will be auto-populated in for the sender From field, and Subject will be “Rap Wars Feedback”. You then can write in the body of the email any technical problems you are having and the Rap Wars team will get back to you. Once you are finished press send and the email will be sent.

You can record a rap by selecting the Record Solo tab on the home screen.

You will then be asked to select a beat by hitting the select beat tap

Here you will have a list if categories with to choose from all with beats inside or if you already know the name of the beat you wish to select you can type the name of it in the search bar located at the top of the screen.

You can also preview the beat before selecting it by hitting the play button located to the right of the beat.

Once you have selected your beat you the hit the Rip It tab.

A countdown will then begin counting down from 5, after that the record light will be on and your now will be recording your own Rap. You can stop recording at anytime by hitting the red record button.

Now you will have 3 options you can choose from:

Run that back which will play your newly recorded rap back to you.

Straight garbage, which trashes your rap and lets you rerecord.

And Push it which allows you to name your rap add tags flag it with or without mature content and publish it to Rap Wars, Facebook twitter etc.

Now your rap can be found and listened to world wide on The Cypher.

If you have a suggestion a request or some ideas for the Rap Wars team please contact us by using the Feedback function. If you are within the mobile app, Feedback is found on the 3rd main screen. Clicking Feedback will open a new email message addressed to the appropriate team, just complete the message and send. If you are on the website you can find the Feedback link in the footer. If you are logged in, your Rapper Name and email will be auto-populated in for the sender From field, and Subject will be “Rap Wars Feedback”. You then can write in the body of the feedback form any suggestions/request/ideas you have and the Rap Wars team will get back to you.

All Raps are public by default which means they are visible to anyone using Rap Wars or on the Rap Wars website.

There are two versions of Rap Wars a free version and a paid version. Rap Wars and Rap Wars Free. Both versions have the same functionality, however, the free version includes advertisements and has fewer beats included for free. Rap Wars pro version ($1.99) has no ads PLUS includes 100 Beat Creds allowing the user to add additional beats of their choosing.

To register for a Rap Wars account download the RapWars app in the App Store on an iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad), ( insert our link for ios) , or in Google Play for an Android device, (insert our link for android) (Google Play link).

After installing the app, open it on your device
It will then take you automatically to the sign up page.

Here you will fill out your Rapper name ( which will be displayed throughout the app.) you will then fill out your real name city and country as well as an email address and a password. Agree to the term and conditions and upload a picture if you want to customize your profile a little more and your ready to begin.

Or you can use your Facebook information it's fast and easy just click the use Facebook information box on the top right hand of the profile page it will automatically fill out the all fields but the rapper name.

You can change edit or add to your profile at anytime.

To submit a beat to Rap Wars is an exclusive on-line function.

The submit beats is found on the rap wars web page.
Tap the Submit Beat button and new box will come up for you to upload your beat.
You then browse whatever folder your beat is located in and select it.
Then you select from a drop down window which category your beat should go under.
Once selected it will begin to upload to the rap wars site. NOTE: the name of the file will be the name of the beat being uploaded.

Once this step is completed a new box will appear that says successfully uploaded waiting for submission approval.

NOTE: Each beat submitted must be approved by Rap Wars (we will not publish garbage) and Rap Wars will not be accountable for beats copyright laws (terms of use will outline this in detail).

Notifications are a listing of all pending Battle Challenges sent to you with the challenger image and name. You have the option to Accept or Decline the Challenge. The screen can scroll for as many challenges that are pending. Once a Challenge is accepted or declined, that Challenge is cleared from the list.

To invite players to download Rap Wars select Invite opens you to an email page and gives you the ability to send invites via email. If you are logged into your account then the Real Name and email address will be auto-populated in the From field. There is also an Add button, which allows you to add additional friends to the invite.

To edit and control the mature content settings
Go into Settings
Tap on the Mature Content
Tap ON/OFF depending on your preference.
NOTE: The Mature Content will enable/disable the listing of Cyphers flagged as Mature. Any Cypher/Rap flagged as Mature cannot be played by users who have turned Mature Content OFF.

The Rap King can be any user who has been voted by others and deemed to be the best Rapper on Rap Wars. They can change easily depending on other raps submitted and how they are ratted and voted on. Being Rap King is based on popularity of the rap you submit to the site. It is te number of listens as well as the ratting the rap receives.

To give the Rap Wars Team feedback simply go to the Feedback tab on 3rd main screen this screen can be found by hitting the red arrow located on the record. Then select feedback and it will automatically open you up to an email page. All you have to do is fill out the body of the email with your feedback or question and hit send. Then the Rap Wars Team will get working on your feedback.

If you want to be discovered you need to put out a lot of good raps to showcase your talent to the world, battle other rappers to get your skills up and make it to the Rap King, which is the best of the best. At Rap Wars we help you get your voice heard.

The red circile on the home screen with a number in the middle of it is a Notification. By clicking the number it will bring you to the Notifications screen here you will find a listing of all pending Battle Challenges sent to you, with the challengers name and buttons to Accept or Decline the Challenge. Once a Challenge is accepted or declined, that Challenge is cleared from the list.

A Battle challenge is a notification letting you know that you have been challenge by another Rap Wars user to a Rap battle. The Battle Challenge will show up in your notifications screen.

Here you have the option to either Accept or Decline.

If you accept the challenge the app will redirect you to the Individual Cypher screen were you can listen to the rap that was sent from the challenger. And the record your own rap back to the challenger.

YES non membes can still leave comments on raps. All visitors to Rap Wars will be able to Comment on individual raps in the Cypher in the same way comments are posted to blogs.

A Battle Thread is the double mic button that is present on a Rappers Individual Cypher if the current rap has been apart of a battle. If clicked it will show you the Battle Thread, which is a listing of all raps between the two users who have been battling one another. The List of Raps will be in chronological order from newest to oldest. If clicked will allow you to listen to any of the raps between the two parties.

The Battle Function is a feature is an exclusive app function which allows you to challenge another user of Rap Wars to a Rap battle. Here you can challenge friends from you contact list, Facebook friends, search for Rappers by their name or have Rap Wars find you a random opponent. You then select your beat record your rap and a notification will be sent to that Rapper that you have challenged them.

The Cypher page allows you to search for submitted raps by other Rap Wars users. You can search the raps by categorizing them into most recently submitted, top rated, and also view your history. Once you click on a rap you wish to hear I will take you to the Individual Cypher page.

The Individual Cypher allows you to listen to other users raps and lets you Rate, Like, Share, Favorite and Battle the particular users to a rap Battle.

My Raps is where you can access the Raps that you have submitted. Here you can see the Name of Rap and the date you submitted it. You have the option to delete your raps and/or mange them by renaming them and adding or subtracting tags. You also have the ability to share your raps via Facebook, Twitter or email.

The favorite beats page and favorite Raps is a list of beats or raps flagged by you as your favorites. Once you have selected a favorite beat or rap you can play the beat or rap for an audio preview, and there is also a star for denoting the beat or rap as a Favorite. Clicking the star changes it from yellow (default) to gray and unflags the beat or rap thus removing it from your favorites.

To set up auto posting to Facebook and Twitter

Go into the settings

Click on either Facebook, Twitter or both depending on which one you want to auto posting set up for.

Tap ON/OFF depending on if you would like auto posting to be on or off for your selected Social networking channel.

Follow step provided by corresponding social network

Edit your profile (change username, display name, email address, etc.)

Go to the Setting Screen
Tap the Update Profile tab.
Edit the Information you would like to change or update here.
Then Tap "Submit" after updating your information.

To turn notifications on or off for Rar Wars first exit Rap Wars and tap the Settings icon on your device.
In the Settings app, tap Notifications, then find Rap Wars
iOS 5 and up: If you are on iOS 5.0 or higher turn the Notification Center switch ON or OFF.
Connect Rap Wars to your social networks.